Celebrations to Have at a Banquet Halls Toronto

Celebrating a special day requires forethought and a little bit of creativity. What are we going to make? What are we going to do? Where will we host the party? A solution to all of those answers is to rent banquet halls Toronto! Shake off the worry and take your party to the professionals.

Make your party sizzle and book at a banquet hall. Here are a few occasions to hold there:

Wedding Receptions

You can have your cake and eat it too! Most halls cater to you, and you make the menu you want your guests to enjoy. You can get flowers to champagne toasts, and leave the worrying to someone else.


So many people are tired of having their celebrations in their backyards, so stretch your legs and branch out to a banquet hall where you can celebrate in style with a DJ and have the whole thing recorded by a videographer so you will always remember that big 30.

Baby showers

Having a baby is stressful enough and can be physically taxing for many expectant mothers. While it is usually up to the best friend to arrange the baby shower, the expectant mother should have some say as to where the event will be held. While the home may seem to be a good idea, it can lead to messes. Having the event in a banquet hall makes things a lot easier. It also makes it easier for guests to attend when a central location is chosen for the event.


Go out with a bang and celebrate with a retirement party at a banquet hall where you can flaunt your stuff with something as ornate or engraved napkins and know that you can invite all of your coworkers; most halls can hold up to 350 people!

That Fresh Graduate

Completing post-secondary education is always something to celebrate. It is a high achievement that took years of hard work and can unlock doors for the grad. He or she deserves to bask in the praise for a while. In a banquet hall, you can invite all of the friends and family you want to celebrate the scholar’s hard work and entry into the workforce.

A Milestone Anniversary

Maybe you have been married for ten years, or twenty, and want to commemorate that in a special way. It seems that marriages rarely stand the test of time anymore, so anyone who can make it work for a long time deserves to be honored. So, definitely set up a shindig in one of the banquet halls Toronto of your choosing, and invite your friends and family and your spouse’s friends and family.

Important Awards Ceremony

You can also rent out a banquet hall for an awards ceremony and reception, such as for certain high-achieving employees of yours. Here, you can invite everyone in the department to the ceremony, or possibly everyone in the company (depending on its size) treating them to champagne, and basking in the pristine environment.

Instead of worrying about hosting your party, hand over the reins to the professionals that host parties dailies and know how to handle a crowd. Revel in the centerpieces and flowers instead of furrowing your brow over them. Make sure to schedule ahead of time though, since spots can fill up fast! Check out the Liberty Grand at for your next event.